Gospel beauty

The gospel changes everything. It’s the solution to our spiritual problems and our societal ones. The beauty of Christ and his work, which the gospel points to, will inevitably transform us.

Deep life change

We are what we love, so the only way to change us deeply is to change what we worship. We seek this through preaching, worship and discipleship through spiritual experience and relationship.

Public faith

The beauty of the gospel compels us to share it. We do this by cultivating redemptive friendships with non-Christians, being hospitable, communicating the what and why and valuing questions.


The gospel creates new community. Our connections with one another change from consumer to family relationships. We live out changed lives through hospitality and deeds of love and kindness.

Healing & Renewal

The gospel shapes how we love the city. We respect its diverse peoples, which prompts us to address social problems and value all work and cultural production that brings human flourishing.


The kingdom of God is gradually, but inexorably growing. We emphasize and support initiatives to send Christians out to start churches across the city with the same gospel-based core values.

Our staff

Led by Michael Keller, the staff seeks to partner with the congregation and local community to see LSQ’s vision and mission come to fruition. Click here to view staff bios.

The Redeemer network began in 1989 as a small group meeting weekly in an Upper East Side apartment to pray about starting a church in the heart of Manhattan for professional New Yorkers.
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