Generosity, at its core, is a lifestyle which flows from the understanding that everything we have is a gift from God. We give because much has been given to us. As we seek to joyfully live as reflections of God’s love together in the city, we’re immensely grateful for your prayers and your financial partnership.

Give Online

Make a Gift Online via electronic check or credit card. Redeemer pays 1.5% to 2.5% of merchant fees for each credit or debit card gift with AMEX credit card gift on the upper end. Please consider using electronic check when making large gifts.

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Stocks & Mutual Funds

You can donate appreciated securities - stock, mutual funds, bonds, ADRs (American Depository Receipts), and other 'property' - and often times receive a greater tax benefit than you would receive as compared to selling the appreciated securities and then donating cash. Please contact Priscilla Dewing (917-206-1427 or [email protected]) if you are considering this kind of gift so that we can understand how you would like this gift to be utilized and send you a tax receipt in a timely manner.

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Bitcoin & Crypto

Current Redeemer members and attenders can donate bitcoin and other cryptocurrency through Coinbase, Bitpay and Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund. If you have a Coinbase account, and prefer to send your gift to Redeemer's Coinbase account, you can do so by sending a Coinbase gift to our email for Coinbase donations at [email protected]

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Other Ways To Give

Giving Snapshot

Please consider giving generously to Redeemer LSQ to help us reach our 2022 giving goal of $3.6M, so that we can continue to work together to support the growing needs of ministering to the city. The Financial Update gives more information about how Redeemer uses these resources.


You may have a lot of questions, and we want to give you the most updated answers to allow you to make the most informed giving decisions! If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please contact us.

Only if the online gift is through credit or debit card. Redeemer pays 1.5% to 2.5% merchant fees for each credit or debit card gift. Fees are higher with AMEX as compared to Visa or Master Card. Please consider giving by electronic check by entering your account number and routing number when making larger gifts.

We are able to accept gifts via echeck of up to $250,000 per week per person. Gifts can be made directly on our website. Credit card gift limits are set by your credit card provider.

In the event that you are planning to make a large gift at the end of the year with your credit card, you may want to call your credit card company in advance to pre-authorize your gift transaction, particularly if you plan on making multiple gifts to Redeemer within a short time span. Redeemer has found through experience that some credit card issuers may require your authorization to process your online gift. With the proper pre-authorization measures in place, we are able to accept gifts via Visa/Mastercard/Discover of up to $100,000 per single gift. Please contact us if you wish to make multiple Visa/Mastercard/Discover gifts greater than $100,000 in the aggregate. We are able to accept gifts via Amex of any amount. Credit card gifts can be made directly on our website.

Echecks and credit card gifts that are made online and time stamped by 11:59pm on December 31st will be included in your tax deductible contribution statement for the year.

Mailed checks which are postmarked by December 31 by the US Postal Service will be included in your tax deductible contribution statement for the year. Please note that IRS regulations require that checks sent through overnight carriers (such as UPS or FedEx) must be recorded on the date that the charity receives the check (rather than a postmarked date). So if you send a donation via UPS or FedEx (or any carrier other than the US Postal service), Redeemer must record that donation on the date the check is received, rather than the date the check is mailed.

Gifts of marketable securities need to be received into our brokerage account by 4pm of the last business day of the year in order for the gift to be included in the tax deductible contribution statement for that year. Please keep in mind that these type of transfers can take several business days or even weeks to process. Redeemer must record the receipt of the securities on the day that the securities are visable and able to be traded in our brokerage account. Please consult with your tax accountant for further details on deductibility.

Serve at LSQ

Serve at LSQ

Serving is a wonderful way to meet others in our church family while actively participating in our mission to “be a church not for ourselves, but for others.” Interested in serving? We need dedicated individuals to join the following service teams and ministries.

Brunch Bunch

Engage others and build relationships by leading brunch at a nearby restaurant following the worship service.

Coffee Clubs

Host a weekly gathering at a local coffee shop for people, who live in or near your neighborhood, to connect.

Coffee Hour Team

After the service, model hospitality and offer assistance to those looking to find a place of meaningful connection.

Communion Team

Church members help with this reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for us as we celebrate him also being present with us.

CG Leaders & Hosts

Help foster community in a small group setting by exhibiting a passion for God and a compassion for people.

Connections Team

Welcome and provide helpful information to newcomers and those looking to engage with us during Coffee Hour.

Events Team

Create an inviting atmosphere for our community to celebrate what God is doing in our midst during seasonal events.

First Time Guests

Help provide a welcoming, personalized experience to first-time guests from the moment they walk through our doors.

Linq Groups

Coordinate times for people, regardless of faith background, to connect over shared interests and hobbies.

LSQ Kids

Care for and train our babies through elementary children in foundational gospel knowledge as they grow and develop.

Meals Ministry

Provide meals to those in our community experiencing life change, challenge or crisis to display the love of Christ.

Prayer Team

Help us cultivate a spirit of prayer by regularly praying over the needs of our church, community and city.

Usher Team

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere for our church family and guests to worship free of distractions.

Worship Arts Team

Help lead our church in worship by reading Scripture, singing or playing an instrument. Auditions are required.

Visual Arts Team

Share your craft (photos, graphics, paint, etc.) to help bring ministry themes to life during key events and seasons.


Mentor our incredible students and their friends as they learn how to navigate what it means to follow Jesus in NYC.

Sign up to Serve

Serve the City

Serve the City

Being “together in the city” means we care for the city, so we partner with Hope for New York affiliates and additional ministries that do mercy and justice work with and on behalf of neighbors in need. Would you prayerfully consider joining us to serve with and support them?

Avail NYC

Cares for those making a decision about an unexpected pregnancy or seeking support after an abortion experience.

Open Hands Legal Services

Provides free legal aid, advocacy and spiritual support to the poor and disenfranchised of New York City.

Prison Fellowship

Works to bring hope and restoration to prisoners, families and communities impacted by crime and incarceration.

Safe Families for Children

Creates extended family-like support for families in crisis through a community of compassionate volunteers.

St. Pauls House

Offers a variety of programs (food, job training, etc.) to men who are experiencing homelessness or addiction issues.

The Bowery Mission

Offers compassionate care (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) for homeless and hungry men, women and children.

The Open Door

Empowers immigrants to reach their potential to successfully participate in and contribute to the well-being of society.