The Redeemer Apprenticeship for Ministry Program (RAMP) is a two-year, part-time apprenticeship for active members of Gospel-Centered Churches in New York City who want to discern if a career in full-time ministry is right for them. RAMP is a collaboration between Redeemer Lincoln Square and Redeemer Downtown, in partnership with Redeemer City to City.

Through coursework, character and spiritual formation, Gospel application, and first-hand ministry experience, all within an urban context, RAMP creates a space for participants to gain insight into the work of ministry.

A certificate program for emerging Christians seeking practical ministry leadership training in New York City

Training Areas

RAMP opportunities are available in the following ministry areas:

  • Pastoral ministry
  • Administration, Hospitality, and Connections
  • Community and Group Life and Discipleship
  • Mercy and Justice
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Family Ministry, including youth and children’s ministry
  • Worship Arts
  • Production, media, and technology
  • Communication

Candidate Qualifications

A candidate must meet the following criteria to qualify for RAMP:

  • Be willing to regularly attend the RAMP church within the Redeemer Network to which he/she has been assigned an apprenticeship
  • Complete or have completed an undergraduate degree program from an accredited college or university prior to the start of RAMP
  • Be an active member of an Gospel-Centered Church and recommended by his/her church for RAMP
  • Demonstrate a clear motivation and strong desire to participate in this program “not for yourself”, but for the benefit of others and to the Glory of God

Program Outcomes

RAMP participants may experience any of the following outcomes:

  • Discern their vocational calling
  • Be exposed to a variety of ministry settings and be given opportunities to participate in the ministry of a local church.
  • Receive 1:1 coaching by a staff member in a local church who will help them process, discern, integrate and apply their learning
  • Develop in 9 biblical character areas
  • Understand the Redeemer DNA and philosophy of ministry
  • Develop skills in discipleship, leadership, evangelism, exegesis, and teaching
  • Be exposed to additional ministry settings, including one international church setting

Weekly Apprenticeship Schedule (20 hrs/week)

RAMP is a two-year commitment, September through May of each year. Each week, apprentices are required to complete 6 hours of coursework, 10 hours of ministry experience, and 4 hours of cohort participation. Between year 1 and year 2 during the summer, apprentices will spend 1-2 weeks overseas.


Education (6 hrs/wk)

Coursework through Redeemer City To City’s City Ministry Program (CMP)
The CMP 2024-2025 Dates are:
Fall Semester:
Classes begin September 3, 2024 and go till December 4, 2024
Spring Semester:
Classes begin January 26, 2025 and go till April 30, 2025

Experience (10 hrs/wk)

Ministry apprenticing at Redeemer LSQ

Character Development, Spiritual Growth, and Gospel Coaching (4 hrs/wk)

Weekly cohorts to process CMP coursework and receive training the following areas of character formation:
• A Person of Integrity
• A Faithful Leader
• Discerning
• A Good Steward
• Hospitable
• Apt to Teach and Teachable
• Humble
• Generous
• A Peacemaker (Not Quarrelsome)


Summer Overseas Immersion Program (1-2 weeks)

Short-term immersion program with an overseas local church to experience how ministry and the Gospel is contextualized.

Want to discern if a career in full-time ministry is right for you?

The inquiry period for 2024-25 has closed. To learn more, please email [email protected].


Grow with us.

Learn with us.

Be transformed.

To grow in who we are and who God is, it is critical to also grow in our knowledge of the Bible. We provide classes and Bible studies to aid in our ongoing spiritual formation. Living a life on mission in the city can be one filled with ebbs and flows, celebrations and challenges. We believe that, by practicing regular rhythms of Bible reading, prayer and more, we can live with the peace of the Lord in any situation. These classes strive to be practical educational opportunities for us to do this together.

To grow in who we are and who God is, it is critical to grow in our knowledge of the Bible. We provide classes and Bible studies for our ongoing spiritual formation. We believe that, by practicing regular rhythms of Bible reading, prayer and more, we can live with the peace of the Lord in any situation.


Membership Class

Learn more about our community and what it means to be a church member. Happening on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30 p.m.


Gotham Fellowship

This nine-month learning community helps broaden your understanding of and deepen your connection to God’s redemptive work.

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The Diaconate is a ministry of mercy that reaches out to people in Redeemer’s congregation who are in crisis or in challenging circumstances and offers help in assessing their needs and working together to find solutions. Unlike elders, who are responsible for teaching the gospel, administering healing prayer and overseeing the church, the Diaconate focuses on deed ministry by extending mercy and compassion.

The Diaconate is a ministry of mercy that reaches out to people in Redeemer’s congregation who are in crisis or in challenging circumstances and offers help in assessing their needs and working together to find solutions.

How we help

From the moment we first meet, we are focused on helping someone who is undergoing hardship.


Assisting with counseling and budgeting, providing emotional and spiritual support, and extending financial aid.

The Goal

Our work is temporary and short-term in nature; that is, our goal is to see a client’s situation change over time.

The Process

We work towards this end by helping plan for the future, seek employment, resolve conflicts, mend relationships.

Receive Care

If you’re a part of the LSQ community and are in need of care and assistance, please complete the Intake Form. A member of our Diaconate will be in touch with you shortly.

Complete form

Nominate Leaders

From November 1 to 30, church members can nominate other members to serve as deacon, deaconess or elder — leadership positions at LSQ that help provide shepherding care to the church as a whole and 1:1 practical and prayer ministry care during times of change, challenge or crisis.


Diaconate Mercy Fund

Deacons and deaconesses use these funds, which are given by our congregation, to help provide tangible care to congregants — members and regular attenders alike — who are experiencing life change, challenge or crisis. These financial grants help pay for counseling, basic life needs, etc. To contribute to this fund, click below.


Getting Care

If you are a member or a regular attender of the Redeemer Lincoln Square community and are in need of assistance, we want to hear from you. Please submit the form below, and a member of our Diaconate team will reach out to you to follow up on your request.

Nominate a Leader

If you are a church member, please nominate another church member to serve at LSQ as either a deacon, deaconess or elder. Before you submit the nomination, please have a conversation with the person you hope to nominate.

Only enter numerical values.
Choose one.
Please do talk to the candidate before submitting this form.

Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

As we seek to provide spaces for you to experience being "known, loved and cared for" in various group settings (like CGs, classes, events, and worship), our Pastoral Care team is excited to provide a new way for you to request more one-to-one care with one of this team’s members: Pastor Michael, Pastor Bruce, Vanessa Hawkins and Carolann Hicks.

As we seek to provide spaces for you to experience being "known, loved and cared for" in various group settings (like CGs, classes, events, and worship), our Pastoral Care team is excited to provide a new way for you to request more one-to-one care with one of this team’s members.

Care Request Form

If you are a member or attender of the Redeemer LSQ community and are looking to speak to someone on our LSQ pastoral care team, we want to hear from you. Please submit the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you to follow up on your request.




Each week, a sermon is shared during our Sunday worship service. It is a teaching based on Scripture. This is not just an intellectual function. The role of the sermon is to make real the truths of the gospel. As we see who God is and what he is doing, our hearts are to be affected.

Highlighted Sermons

We hope these sermons encourage and equip you as you learn more about God’s love for you and what his calling is for those who follow him.

Weekly Teachings

You can access our sermon archive via our podcast (“LSQ Podcast” on Apple, Spotify and Google) or YouTube channel.




Prayer is foundational to the Christian life. We pray because we know we can bring our concerns for ourselves and for others, for the world and for the church, to God. There are many types of prayer: adoration, confession, lamentation, thanksgiving and supplication.

Sermon Series: "How To Pray"

Morning Prayer

Join our Prayer team on Zoom to pray for the needs of our church, city and world. Mon to Fri at 8 a.m. and Sun at 8:30 a.m.

Daily Devotional

Incorporate Bible reading into your daily rhythm using this devotional, which is available in the Redeemer app.

Prayer Request

The LSQ staff team values prayer, not just for our city and church but also for our congregants, so please let us know how we can be praying for you specifically.



Pastoral Care.


We support these initiatives to ensure your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs are met. By doing this, we pray you experience the fullness of God and his love for you. We also aim to contribute to the building of a repentant and rejoicing community and express in practical ways Christ’s command to all believers to love our neighbor.

We want you to be known, loved and cared for, which is why we provide and participate in a variety of care opportunities to ensure your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs are met, so you are able to experience the fullness of God and his love for you. 



The Diaconate helps meet congregants’ practical needs while fostering a heart change through encounters with Jesus and one another.

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Pastoral Care

Have questions? Our Pastoral Care team is happy to meet to discuss your questions and offer support as you grow.

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Pastoral Care


Redeemer Counseling Services helps transform people from all walks of life through professional, biblically-based counseling.

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Request Meals

Experiencing life transition, change, crisis or challenge? Members of LSQ are ready to bring you food to hep care for your physical wellbeing.

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Request Meals

Wedding Officiant

Newly engaged and looking for someone to preside over your wedding? Complete this form for a Redeemer pastor to consider officiating.

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LSQ's Anti-Harassment Policy

LSQ is committed to being a safe place to worship and serve. For this reason, we have implemented policies designed to protect our congregation, visitors, and staff from harassment and other harmful treatment, and a thoughtful response process to ensure any concerns are addressed promptly and with care. If you experience or observe a harmful or concerning situation, please reach out and let us know your concerns by filling out this simple form, or addressing the situation with a pastor, elder, deacon/ess or CG leader. A member of the LSQ Safeguarding team will contact you. Any questions or concerns specifically related to our Children’s Ministry, should be directed to Rebekah Hannah, LSQ’s Children’s Ministry Director, at [email protected].

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