Part of our mission is for members of the community to be known, loved and cared for, which is why we provide a variety of groups, to cultivate both a relationship with God and others. These groups provide sanctuary from the pressures and anxieties of life in the city and facilitate the formation of new friendships. CGs are places where we can be revitalized and strengthened. As God made us for community, we need others to help apply the gospel to our lives. We have additional groups that allow for people to gather outside of CGs that are based on neighborhood, shared interests or hobbies, and life stage.

Types of Groups

Community Groups, Coffee Clubs, Linq Groups and more


In apartments and communal spaces throughout the city


Groups have anywhere from two to four leaders depending on size


CGs meet weekly and bi-weekly; additional groups meet on varied schedules


Bible study, worship, prayer, serving, running, creating, reading, etc.

Group Sizes

CGs range from six to 12 people on average; additional groups can be up to 30

Community Groups

We want to help you find ways to be “known, loved and cared for” in our community. To sign up, click here.

Other Groups

Coffee Clubs

These gatherings provide another way for you to connect with people in our church family who live in (or near) your neighborhood. We’re currently meeting weekly in these neighborhoods:

  • Hell’s Kitchen (Bird & Branch on Tuesdays)
  • South Harlem (Cafe Amrita on Saturdays)
  • Upper West Side (Daily Provisions on Fridays)
  • Upper West Side (Rosetta Bakery on first and third Fridays)
  • West Village (Kerber’s Farm NYC on Wednesdays)

If you have any questions or would like to start a new one in your neighborhood, email [email protected]


West Side Women

West Side Women consists of two groups holding weekly gatherings at W83 Ministry Center.

These meetings are open to all women from Redeemer and their friends for worship, prayer and Bible study to better know and experience God in community.

The Tuesday group meets at 7:15 p.m., and the Friday group meets at 9:45 a.m. For more information, register here or contact Marion Melton about the Tuesday evening group, or Karen Wentling about the Friday morning group.


Mom's Groups

There are various Moms’ Groups that meet on the West Side. Moms’ Groups exist to create an environment of prayer, worship, Bible study and connection to other moms on the West Side and Lincoln Square.

If you have questions or are interested in participating in a group, please contact [email protected]


Tuesday Morning Men

All men are welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings at 7 a.m. each week at the W83 Ministry Center for coffee, bagels, fellowship and prayer. Our meetings are informal, and no preparation is required.

For more information contact Scott Carpenter at [email protected]



You may have a lot of questions, and we want to give you the most updated answers to allow you to make the best decision for you when it comes to joining a group. If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please contact us.

CGs are meant to be smaller communities than a normal Sunday morning service, and thus, provide a warm space to get to know new and old friends alike, and to be known and cared for as you experience life in the city.

CGs are the heartbeat and backbone of community formation at LSQ, so we highly recommend joining one. Additional groups listed provide supplemental times of socialization and experiencing life together based on shared interests and life stage. For CGs, regular attendance is important and beneficial, so try to find a group that is convenient for you in regards to time and location. If you need further guidance, contact [email protected]

Yes, we understand that you may want to visit more than one group before deciding on the best one for you. We do recommend that you visit a group more than once before making a decision.

Please email [email protected] While our leaders do their best to contact you in a timely manner, things happen. If you have not heard back after a week, we will be happy to help contact the leader for you.

While you are free to join any CG that is convenient for you, we highly recommend joining a CG that is affiliated with your church. Instead of seeing the members of your group just once a week at CG, you will see them again at church, making a large church feel smaller.

Thank you for being interested in leading or hosting! Feel free to review this information, and email [email protected] with any questions.