The Diaconate is a ministry of mercy that reaches out to people in Redeemer’s congregation who are in crisis or in challenging circumstances and offers help in assessing their needs and working together to find solutions. Unlike elders, who are responsible for teaching the gospel, administering healing prayer and overseeing the church, the Diaconate focuses on deed ministry by extending mercy and compassion.

How we help

From the moment we first meet, we are focused on helping someone who is undergoing hardship.


Assisting with counseling and budgeting, providing emotional and spiritual support, and extending financial aid.

The Goal

Our work is temporary and short-term in nature; that is, our goal is to see a client’s situation change over time.

The Process

We work towards this end by helping plan for the future, seek employment, resolve conflicts, mend relationships.

Getting Care

If you are a member or a regular attender of the Redeemer Lincoln Square community and are in need of assistance, we want to hear from you. Please submit the form below, and a member of our Diaconate team will reach out to you to follow up on your request.